The CEO Council will continue its robust advocacy through its members and engaged stakeholders with a focus on the following priorities as part of our Talent agenda:

  • Advocate for Federal talent investments to be made that align with business demand;
  • Align the region’s higher education and business communities through the CEO Council and its Regional College and University Presidents’ Alliance;
  • Utilize the Greater Philadelphia Labor Market and Opportunities for Human Capital Development report to understand, aggregate and communicate information about the business community’s workforce needs, at all levels, in an effort to drive the region’s key industry verticals;
  • Participate in national and regional collaborative opportunities to support programs and provisions that enhance access to higher education and assist individuals in obtaining their degree in a timely manner;
  • Research and identify, through business leadership discussions and other research methods, new and innovative models for education delivery;
  • Advocate to improve our nation’s intellectual infrastructure in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as the gateway for economic prosperity and growth;
  • Advocate for highly-skilled immigration reform:
    • Encourage the retention of foreign-born graduate students in the U.S., particularly those engaged in research in STEM areas;
    • Support creating efficiencies in obtaining and maintaining student visas and work permits;
  • Monitor and provide public comments on federal talent priorities, examples include:
    • Higher Education Act, Pell Grant Program, Student Loan rates, Research funding; and
  • Complete regional research to support talent advocacy or drive forward projects of regional significance.