The CEO Council will continue its robust advocacy through its members and engaged stakeholders with a focus on the following priorities as part of our Innovation agenda:

  • Support and recognize the region’s pre-eminence in education, health care, and life sciences, and expand on our rapidly developing strengths in energy and cleantech;
  • Advocate for funding of basic and translational research while coordinating with the national effort of the Business for Federal Research Funding coalition;
  • ¬†Support start-up company formation and commercialization projects between academia and industry;
  • Expand the definition of eligible recipients that can secure federal funding for commercialization to include organizations that facilitate and accelerate commercialization of technologies that are developed at research institutions;
  • Support high-skilled immigration reforms that provide industries like health care, energy, life sciences and advanced manufacturing the opportunity to satisfy their demands for high-skilled talent domestically rather than invest and fill those jobs abroad;
  • Support high-skilled immigration reforms that facilitate the formation and growth of startup companies by immigrant entrepreneurs;
  • Push for tax reforms that achieve a simplified tax code and promote a competitive business climate;
  • Enact or preserve tax credits that provide companies an assured and enhanced incentive to invest in innovation domestically;
  • Pursue federal funding opportunities for the establishment of one more regional “Centers of Excellence” that facilitate the creation of larger-scale, multi-national public-private partnerships between academia and industry;
  • Promote government rules or regulations that contribute towards competitive growth of American enterprise while protecting capital markets from overregulation.