Higher Education

The Regional College and University Presidents’ Alliance (Presidents’ Alliance) was created to explore cooperative opportunities among the region’s many degree-granting institutions.¬†The Presidents’ Alliance is comprised of higher education leaders who commit their time and efforts to enhancing the talent in Greater Philadelphia. Working with the CEO Council, the Presidents’ Alliance leverages relationships with the business and civic communities, which provides opportunities for collaboration, collective advocacy on issues critical to higher education, and the cultivation of new relationships between business and higher education leaders.

The collaborative efforts of the Presidents’ Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and the CEO Council provide opportunities for higher education and business leaders to leverage combined strengths and to act with a coordinated regional voice.

Priorities for the Presidents’ Alliance:

  • Degree Completion, Retention and Graduation strategies:
    • Highlight the region’s promising practices that increase access, persistence, completion and overall¬† post-secondary educational attainment in the Greater Philadelphia Region;
  • Attract, Retain and Support Top-Level Talent:
    • Advocate for high-skilled immigration reform;
    • Encourage the retention of foreign-born graduate students in the U.S., particularly those engaged in research in STEM areas;
    • Support creating efficiencies in obtaining and maintaining student visas and work permits;
    • Advocate to improve our nation’s intellectual infrastructure in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as the gateway for economic prosperity and growth;
    • Support legislation that cultivates research & development, entrepreneurship, and innovation, thereby revitalizing America’s innovative edge in the global economy;
  • Pursue federal funding opportunities for the establishment of one more regional “Centers of Excellence” that facilitate the creation of larger-scale, multi-national public-private partnerships between academia and industry; and
  • Advocate for Federal talent investments and support programs and provisions that enhance access to Higher Education and assist individuals in increasing their level of education.