Health Care Innovation

Greater Philadelphia possesses world-class health care assets that are driving innovation in health care technology and delivery. The CEO Council supports key regional partners in collaborations that leverage these health care assets and are bringing recognition to the region as a global leader in health care innovation.

The Health Care Action Team (HCAT): Markets and promotes the strengths and innovations of our health care sector through a comprehensive branding strategy and targeted communications.

The Health Care Innovation Collaborative (HIC): A group of nine leading Philadelphia-area health care organizations that identifies challenges or opportunities in health care and tests, supports, and accelerates innovations for the purposes of improving health care.

HIC intends to be:

  • Top of mind when innovators have a game-changing prototype, product or solution ready for customer evaluation.
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  • Recognized nationally for an unprecedented level of inter-institutional cooperation among healthcare stakeholders in support of innovation;
  • A key reason the Greater Philadelphia region becomes the geographic center of choice for global, next-generation healthcare businesses of all types and sizes

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