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If you have a game-changing prototype, product or solution ready for customer evaluation that you would like to share with the Health Care Innovation Collaborative (The Collaborative), you may submit your contact information and a brief (50 word, non-confidential) description here.


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1. My submission is not made in confidence and is not accompanied by any restriction, condition or reservation whatsoever that imposes upon The Collaborative any obligation or restriction with respect to its use, except as expressly provided herein.
2. I agree that the acceptance of my submission by The Collaborative for its consideration imposes no obligation upon The Collaborative and does not give rise to any confidential relationship between me and The Collaborative. I understand that The Collaborative may receive similar submissions from other participants. I further understand that one or more members of The Collaborative may already, or at some time in the future, develop an idea, device, drawing, test, software, website, tool, treatment, prevention, program, or other technologies and systems which may be similar to my submission.
3. I understand that that acceptance and evaluation of my application does not create any obligation for THE COLLABORATE to enter into a business relationship or compensate me or my organization in any way.

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