The CEO Council for Growth (CEO Council) is a devoted group of business, higher education, and civic leaders who commit their time and efforts to enhancing economic growth and prosperity in the 11-county region across northern Delaware, southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. The CEO Council is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia influencing regional and national policy through advocacy.

The CEO Council advocates through its members and engaged stakeholders to revitalize and enhance the region's mobility, talent, innovation and business growth climate.

  • Innovation

    The region's strengths translate to key assets for a vibrant economy of entrepreneurship and innovation, which can position Greater Philadelphia for accelerated company development and growth.

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  • Regional Mobility

    Our mobility agenda seeks to improve our region's physical connectivity by advocating for infrastructure improvements to ensure a modern, multimodal transportation system.

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  • Talent

    The core principles of our talent agenda focus on the needs of both the business and higher education communities. Together we advocate to enhance access to higher education, support work to improve college completion, and advocate for high-skilled immigration reform.

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The CEO Council focuses on key developments and industries that will strengthen our economy, create jobs and drive the region forward.

  • Energy

    We support the growth of the region's energy sector through infrastructure improvements, and business attraction.

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  • Higher Education

    The Regional College & University Presidents' Alliance provides opportunities for collaboration and collective advocacy on issues critical to the higher education community.

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  • Health Care Innovation

    As a region rich in “eds & meds”, accelerating medical innovations that enhance health care delivery, data, and technology will improve patient outcomes and drive down health care costs.

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The CEO Council recognizes that an engaged regional business leadership is critical for Greater Philadelphia to compete in a global economy. The tri-state regional group leverages direct engagement of the private sector and higher education institution leadership to achieve its goals.

Stay up-to-date with news related to our foundational priorities and sector initiatives.

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  • CEO Council for Growth highlights health care innovations in Philadelphia region

    Effort showcases breakthroughs with national, international impact PHILADELPHIA — Cybersecurity for medical devices, a breast cancer tool saving lives in underdeveloped parts of the world and an effort placing health care workers in disadvantaged communities to improve residents’ health.   These are a few of the game-changing health care innovations happening in the Philadelphia region […]

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  • Northeast Corridor in dire need of connectivity

    This article was originally published in Metro US. About five years ago, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled a novel project idea: a high-speed rail that would get passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes. Fast-forward to 2017, and the project is just in the beginning stages of planning. In late […]

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  • Transforming our region’s infrastructure

    This article was originally published in Metro US. Last week, Congress returned to Washington, D.C., to begin work on a laundry list of legislative items, including extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program, reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, reforming our tax code and fixing the immigration system. In September, Congress is in session only 12 days, […]

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